Friday, October 05, 2012

Cheap alternative to the piO - microSD Adapter for Raspberry Pi

Do-it-yourself low profile microSD adapter for Raspberry Pi

If you're like me who prefers not to pay $20 for a flushed microSD Adapter that was shown in the  Kickstarter website as the piO-microSD Adapter for Raspberry Pi, I believe there is an alternative... it's a tad bigger than the piO, but it is just right for me..
It’s called a TF to SD plus USB card adapter.


Available at Focalprice and at for around $3, it’s a half size microSD card to SD adapter, with a USB connector that allows you to plug it in the USB port or as an SD card adapter.
EDIT: Out of stock at Focalprice and DX but I found an alternative which should also work but it's a bit more expensive although it does work with SDXC cards (USD $3.64)
Also from Focalprice is a Macbook compatible MicroSD to SD card adapter that is almost the same size as a mini-SD card 

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Since it has a protruding USB connector, all I did was cut it using a scissor (I kinda messed it up a bit as it wasn’t as straight as I hoped it would be, but using a knife, I scraped off the edges to make the edges flat).

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But with a piece of white tape (which I got from my label maker), I covered the cut part, and voila! My $3 microSD card half size SD adapter…

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L said...

hi, i was wondering what the maximum capacity this card adapter can read?

32gb or 64gb?

Simon Taylor said...

You beauty! I was looking for a similar less sticky outy solution for my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. This is the best solution I can find. Mucho Gratias :-)

Roland said...

I tried a Kingston 32GB (Class 4) and a Lexar 32GB (Class 10) and both works ok... As for 64GB, I think they should work...

flatline said...

Just received mine. Doesn't read SDXC (windows 7 prompts to format the card)

Strange thing since it works in my camera...

Unknown said...

Do you have any link to buy it ?